Benefits of a 0845 Number

  • Give your company a national identity, without the need for a physical presence
  • Keep the same number even if you relocate your business
  • Track the effectiveness of advertising
  • Your 0845 number can very easily be redirected to another site or physical number
  • You don't need a new phone line or any additional equipment

Why use a 0845 number from Us

  • You incur no costs for receiving the call (unlike many of our competitors 0845 products)
  • There is no setup charge
  • There is no monthly service fee
  • You can add advanced features such as voicemail, web stats & self redirection onto the service

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. IP telephony, internet telephony, and internet calling are other terms for it. It is a substitute for a public switched telephone network (PSTN).... A VoIP phone system, at its most basic, is a method of transmitting voice calls over IP networks.Opera Telecom Group In Nuneaton