0845 Phone Number FAQ

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What is an 0845 number ?

0845 numbers are a range of Non Geographic Numbers i.e. unlike 01/02 numbers they are not associated with a specific town or city.

What will it cost me ?

Absolutely nothing its FREE! We make no charges for our 0845 numbers provided they are going to a single UK Landline. Unlike most other providers we do no charge any connection fee, yearly rental fees, annual service charge or per minute call charges. Your 0845 number is completely FREE to setup & use, these really are free 0845 numbers !!! All we ask is that after 6 months you receive an average of 10 minutes of peak time calls per day.

So ... if they are FREE 0845 numbers how do you make any money ?

Due to the cross charging structures between Phone Companies we receive a small payment for each call your 0845 number receives. Thus the requirement for you to have an average of 10 minutes of calls per day to maintain the FREE service after 6 months

We also hope at some point you will want to add one of the added value NGN features on to your 0845 Number

What happens If I don't get 10 mins of calls after 6 months ?

Don't worry you can either simply cancel the service or if you want to keep using the 0845 number you can switch to one of our chargeable options. These start from £15 per year.

You can find more details about our chargeable 0845 Numbers at our main site GTITelecom

Do I need new telephone equipment installed ?

No. All changes are carried out at the exchange level and are completely independent of the equipment you have on your site. However if your existing equipment allows, you may wish to change your outgoing number presentation (i.e. your caller id) to your new 0845 number.

How do they work ?

0845 numbers are completely transparent to your current telephone service. The service is simply implemented by mapping your chosen 0845 number to your current local telephone numbers. When your clients call the 0845 number they are redirected to your office without any delay in the call whatsoever.

Do we have to change our existing telephone provider ?

Absolutely not. We redirect your new 0845 number on to your existing number. Your existing telephone provider will neither know nor care that this has happened.

Will our old numbers still work ?

Yes you will still be able to use your current number. So you can gradually transition from your current number to your new 0845 numbers.

What if we move offices or change our telephone provider ?

If you move (or change your actual phone number for any reason), we simply re-direct your 0845 number(s) to your new number(s). Redirection incurs a £ 15 charge

Are there any restrictions on how I use this 0845

Yes. As with all telecom services you may not use an 0845 number to conduct any illegal activity.

However OFCOM (the telecoms regulator) & the Government have also imposed some additional rules on the use of 0845 numbers. 0845 numbers may not be used for consumer after sales lines and anywhere you advertise your 0845 number you must include the following statement

"Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge."

Further details can be found on Ofcoms information site UK Calling