Free 0845 telephone numbers, with no setup, service or per minute charges

FREE 0845 Phone Numbers

A 0845 telephone number allows your customer (and potential customers) to call you from anywhere in the UK (calls to 0845 numbers will cost the caller 7p per minute plus their providers access charge).

Why Use a 0845 Phone Number

Non geographic 0845 numbers offer companies several benefits over traditional area based phone numbers. These benefits include :-

  • Give your company a national identity
  • Present a more professional image to your customers
  • Keep the same number even if you relocate your business
  • 0845 numbers can very easily be redirected to another site or physical number
  • Use a single phone line for several different Companies/Services
  • Track the effectiveness of advertising i.e. use a different number for each advert

Compare Our 0845 Service with Other Carriers

Many 0845 number providers claim to offer free 0845 phone numbers, but then go on to say you have to pay a setup charge, a yearly service fee or even pay a per minute charge. We don't make any of these charges our FREE 0845 numbers are 100% free there is no setup, service or per minute charges with our 0845 numbers ... our free 0845 numbers are FREE 0845 Numbers.

Even if you already have a 0845 number from another provider you can save thousands of pounds per year by porting your number to us.

Give your company a more professional national look Order a FREE 0845 number now !!!

FREE 0845 Phone Number

Our FREE 0845 Numbers come with :-

  • No Setup Cost
  • No Monthly Rental
  • No Call Charges
  • FREE Call Stats

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0845 Benefits

Here are some of the many benefits you will get from using one of our FREE 0845 Numbers.

  • Same number even if you move
  • Multiple numbers on one phone line
  • Track effectiveness of advertising
  • Cheaper to call on many packages
  • No additional equipment required
  • Free to setup
  • Free to use

Compare Us to BT

Setup Charge FREE FREE
Monthly Rental FREE* £ 10
0845 Call Charges FREE 3.48p/min
Min. Call Charge None 3.48p

(Prices correct as of 25/4/12)

* Provided minimal call volumes are maintained after 6 months of use

Port your existing 0845

If you have an existing 0845 number we can still save you money if you port your number (transfer it) to us.

We can port NGN numbers from most large carriers including :-

  • BT
  • Cable & Wireless/Energis/Thus
  • NTL/Telewest/Virgin

Port existing 0845 number

Enhanced Features

0845 numbers are part of a special class of numbers called Non Geographic Numbers. One of the big benefits of NGN's is they allow you to make use of many value add services, such as :-

Order a FREE 0845 number

Order your FREE 0845 number now.

And remember our FREE 0845 phone numbers, include :-

  • FREE Setup
  • FREE Monthly Rental
  • FREE Incoming Calls
  • FREE Call Stats